Monday, January 29, 2018


Hi Love Fam! Today's video is all about the cosori pressure cooker! you guys I am obsessed with it. I wonder what took me so damn long to try an electric pressure cooker. 

this is everything that comes in the box 

I have been terrified of pressure cooker for a very long time but I am so happy to say that I overcame all my fears with the Cosori multi-use pressure cooker. 

what is your favorite pressure cooker recipe?

Learn more about Cosori HERE
Cosori Facebook Page HERE
BUY Cosori HERE 



  1. Surprisingly, InstaPot has all this and now is the time to grab this beautiful kitchen gadget. I have been an anti-cooker chef throughout my life. I used to have other cookers but I didn’t use them quite often because of the potential threats all cookers pose. But I am glad I came across a useful review of Instant Pot.

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