Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Curly Hair: Outre Synthetic Half Wig Review

A few days ago I posted the picture below on Snapchat/IG. So many of you were asking me how I got my hair like that what products I use etc. Today I am sharing all the details with you guys.

Quick background: My hair is naturally curly but because I have cause heat/dye damage my curls pattern is gone. (Lord knows I have been missing my curls). It was time to start looking for options on how to get those beautiful curls without causing heat damage to my hair. So I decided to jump on the wig wagon and got my first half wig.

Honestly, I was little skeptical about wearing a wig since I have never own one or had a clue how to put one on but to my surprise it was quite easy to rock a wig. Wigs are seriously time-saver you will be slaying in just few minutes lol.

So here is what I did to make my wig look as natural as possible! synthetic wigs are a little shiny so I spray my with Marc Anthony clear dry shampoo to take some of that shine and lastly, I curl the front part of my hair to blend in with the wig.

This is how the half wig looks it's so much hair but trust me it's super lightweight

Wig has two combs and straps to adjust and secure it in place

Price: $15.72
Brand: Outre Synthetic Wig
Style: Dominican Curly Hair Half Wig
Color: 1B off Black
Where to buy: Wigtypes

Natural looking
Light weight
Bouncy Curls
Minimal shedding
Easy to maintain
Soft hair
Easy application
No itchy

None really!



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