Saturday, August 15, 2015

Heatless Curls | Rizos sin Calor | Tutorial

Hi Lovelies Happy Saturday! Today’s post is a video tutorial. Last week I posted a picture on IG with my heatless curls and you guys asked me to do a tutorial. So I did! The video is in Spanish as requested for my non-Spanish speaking gals you guys can still follow along and I will also include step by step below in English.


Heatless Curls Step by Step 

Step 1: Apply leaving conditioner or styling crème and mouse
Step 2: Twist the strands of your hair (remember thick strand loose curls/ smaller strands curlier hair). Wrap the strand around your scalp into a little bun, and then pin it down using two bobby pins crisscrossing each other. Repeat this step for all your hair.
Step 3: Decide whether you will sleep with them or just leave them for couple hours. Remove pins and let spirals un-twirl.
Step 4: Separate the curls using your fingers (do not brush hair)
Hola mis Amores! Como le prometi aqui esta el tutorial de mis rizos sin calor. Espero les guste el video. Por favor tag me en las fotos si tratan este metodo.                      

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